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The Canon ImageCLASS MF4350d is an all-in-one color inkjet printer released in 2008.

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using current size in printing and copy

how can i solve my printer canon mf 4350d is coming error for printing and copy, useig current size is coming

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Problem description: I am using a Canon isensys 4350d printer. Whenever anyone tries to print to it, the first page prints and a message comes on the display asking "use current size, Yes/NO". Once I press the button under yes, it reprints the first page and will ask this question again periodically until the document is printed. This occurs regardless of what programme the user is printing from and what computer the printer is hooked up to.


problem description: i am I am using a Canon isensys 4350d printer. Whenever anyone tries to print & photocopying the paper comes empty & the message of display is like load cassette paper A4 please what can i do help.


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I had the same issue, try this, it worked for me, and prints two pages straight.

I'm using a Mac,


Set the document you want to print

In the printer settings, change it to 'US Letter'


Go to 'paper settings' click OK on 'Cassette' and then press the + button and select 'Ltr' for the paper size. It then displays the words 'plain paper' press OK, and you should be good to print.

Hope it works for you.

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This method works great! Many thanks! After using canon d480 print for 7 years and wasted many many copy papers, I finally found the simply solution. For me, the problems only occur when copying, printing from computer was no problem from the beginning.



The problem still persists. :)


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I had the same problem with my canon i-sensys MF 4350d

I just changed the paper type from letter to A4 from my printer settings of the document that I want to print

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It doesn't seem to matter which paper type I have. I have had this problem for several years now and have been dealing with it. I will not deal with it anymore and am ready to go buy a new printer, just not a Canon. I need to print multiple pages and really don't have the time to try and figure out what is wrong. I can only print 1 page before it gives me an error and states " Use current size".


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Go to Printing Preferences and change both the Paper size and Output size to Letter or the size of paper you want to use. DO NOT select Match Paper Size for Output size.

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