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Ipad Mini 7,9" avec 16,32 ou 64 Go de stockage.

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Properly Testing Home Button


I recently purchased a new digitizer with IC and Home button for iPad Mini.

I attached the digitizer cable (but didt fix both LCD and digitizer) and it looks like it works fine except the Home button, which clicks (I hold it by fingers), but no reaction.

My question is if it should work in such 'detached' state, i.e. is my digitizer Home button broken?

Please note the Mini lacks both LCD metal plate and logic board metal cover.


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It should work, even detached. It doesn't have the metal pins like the larger iPads to make contact with. Just be careful not to press it too hard, or it will damage it. Or, you can hold the back of the button for support and press the button.

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Thank you, looks like the logic board is faulty :(


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