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Chassis was slightly bent and giving random feedback when not touched.

My kid dropped her iPad mini at some point which was in an otter box and she has been complaining that it has been acting erratically for a couple of weeks now.

She can be watching YouTube and it will randomly switch to a different video, or it will switch to a different app, or the keyboard will pop up out of nowhere.

All without her even touching the iPad!

She can have it propped up on a pillow on her bed and it'll do this.

So I took a look at it and put a little pressure on the back of the case an got the keyboard to pop up a couple times.

Finally I took it out of the otterbox to get a better look at it, and when I did, I realized, the long edge without the volume buttons was slightly bent!

I figured the pressure from the bend was screwing up the digitizer so I gently straightened it back out hoping that would solve the problem but it is still acting erratically.

I'm willing to swap out the digitizer, but I really don't want to waste the money if there is a good possibility there is something else wrong with it too.

It is working perfectly except for the erratic touch behaviour, when there has been no touch!

What do ya think?

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It sounds like you just need a new digitizer.

There are a few things that could be happening here but the most likely is that the bend is causing the digitizer to ghost or sense touches when there are none. Another possibility is the IC chip is acting out due to the damage. Either of those problems will be solved with a digitizer replacement. Make sure to pick up one with the IC chip already soldered on. Its worth the extra couple bucks to not have to deal with soldering that stupid chip.

Be very careful bending that frame back into alignment. The boards are very thin up near the volume buttons. The boards can flex quite a bit without any damage happening but you could damage something while bending it. Also Mini LCD's are the most fragile out of any of the iPads. You don't want to brute force anything with the LCD still intact. Get the iPad torn down, then straighten everything out. You may want to look into a G-Tool if the case is preventing the new digitizer from sitting flush.

Good luck!

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That is the answer I was hoping for!

The side that was bent was the side opposite the volume buttons. It was a pretty slight bend and I have actually already straightened it out. The screen never broke or cracked and everything looks intact. You wouldn't know it was bent.

I have ordered some tools and I have a friends whiskey damaged ;) iphone 5 to play with so I figure if I can get that apart and back together then I will attempt the mini.

I think the part that worries me the most is all the adhesives!

I just didn't want to replace the digitizer and find out it was still flaky and it needed a new logic board too... with the cost of that.. I might as well get her a new ipad, sell this one for parts and save myself the trouble.


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