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Sorti le 19 septembre 2014, cet iPhone avec un écran de 4,7 pouces est une version plus petite de l'iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiables par les numéros de modèle A1549, A1586, et A1589.

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Water Damage - any tips or tricks?

Hi everyone

Constantly customer shave been coming in with thei water damaged iPhone 6's, only a few after repair have been successful, less that any other model phone I tend to repair. Does any one have any ideas or tips they can pass on with this model and the 6 plus?

I found that putting the motherboard into an ultrasonic cleaner generally cleans it but with the iPhone 6's and 6 plus, it tends to kill off the motherboard. So in saying that I've attempted to clean them free hand with a brush and isopropyl

Some have been successful, but not nearly as many as I would've liked, so any ideas?

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If your ultrasonic cleaner is killing off the motherboards, it is possible that you are cleaning them wrong, wrong settings, wrong cleaning solution etc. or that your ultrasonic cleaner is not good enough, It is better if you get an ultrasonic cleaner with sweep frequency.

I have used an ultrasonic cleaner worth about £120 and have not killed off a motherboard, and I consider this a pretty mid range ultrasonic cleaner. :-)

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Hi PhoneOpsPlus

I myself as a technician use a $400 NZD Ultrasonic Cleaner w/ Isopropyl, and I haven't come across a motherboard thats come out working correctly. I found that with the a touch brush and isopropyl, cleaning it like this seems to be more affective but its almost a must to stay away from the Apple/Dialog Power Management IC chip, once the isopropyl gets near this or in and around it, it seems to kill of the motherboard.

This seems to be the case for 8/10 iPhone 6's that I've come across



I would highly suggest a crest ultrasonic.

You shouldn't use isopropyl alcohol alone in the ultrasonic cleaner itself, not only is this not efficient, it is also dangerous as isopropyl alcohol is flammable.

Using EC Branson Cleaner is the best, or if you don't want to be rough use deionized water and a very tiny bit of isopropyl alcohol. :-)

I have saved a lot of iPhones including iPhone 6's and 6 plus's :-)


Could you tell me step by step how you use your ultrasonic cleaner? I think you are using it incorrectly if you are killing off the boards, considering this is obviously a better model than the ultrasonic I have, and I still come out with boards working fantastically. I can help you then to see where you are going wrong. :-)


For the past couple years, we have successfully bought back tons of phone motherboards and in rare cases computer and laptop motherboards. But it just feels like the iPhone 6's are a tad more difficult to get back compared to other models. Maybe I've gotten the motherboards and they're already completely fried but I can't say for sure. So generally when we get any water damaged phone in, the battery is disconnected straight away, then we proceed to remove all protective plates and such, and start by cleaning w/ isopropyl and a toothbrush. After this, we test the motherboards and if this is unsuccessful we put it in the ultrasonic cleaner for 5 minutes with isopropyl. We then proceed to test the motherboards, w/ tester parts and if it doesn't work we call it quits.

Thats just the general take on how I've done it


Ok, that's a good start, but, I would highly recommend you using deionized water with a very tiny bit of isopropyl alcohol in your ultrasonic cleaner, literally a spoonful or two.

or even better, would be to get yourself some Branson EC Cleaner, seriously, the results you would get would be a lot better, as the way ultrasonic works I don't believe would work that well with just isopropyl alcohol, besides the fact it being dangerous due to ultrasonic using heat to be more efficient at cleaning (around 70 degrees Celsius is recommended)

Also, ultrasonic works best with deionized water, I've done a lot of research in to ultrasonic cleaning, plus, I know someone who works at Branson who explained pretty much everything about it


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I use urine, preferably my own. I do brush the board very lightly. I haven't come across one that has failed yet. I've been using my own urine for many years now and find it really is the most effective at cleaning platinum, gold and silver on and around the board. Isopropyl is great for only some boards as it will play bad with the silicone's being used in today's mother or logic boards.

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Urine is a buffered pH 8 surfactant. Not a bad choice. It's also cheap, Eco friendly, and readily available. Thumbs up!!


I read this and laughed my @%^ off!!


.......... ;-)


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