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Screen wont turn on after screen replacement, how can I fix this?

I purchased the screen from here, followed the instructions to a T. Upon reassembly the screen doesn't work.

I have tried the following:

  1. 1 disconnecting the battery and other cables. Let it sit that way for 30 minutes.
  2. 2 putting it in dfu mode and restoring and updating
  3. 3 hooking it up to itunes

After all this still no luck getting my iPad mini running again.

Digitizer was causing phantom typing. I really thought the repair process was easy, not I am very frustrated that it is not up and running yet as expected.

Please help guide me as I still need to replace my daughter's cracked screen (confident that I can do it, but won't try until I find out what is wrong here and how to fix it)

Thanks for the help in advance!

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It sounds like you're describing two different problems. The first problem digitizer ghosting is most likely a crease in the digitizer flex. It could also be that the digitizer is not taped.

The second problem is most likely damage to the LCD itself. It could also be A blown filter on the image circuit. To troubleshoot this you'll need a known good LCD

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Are you saying there is no image or no touch?

If there is no image, have you disconnected the lcd before disconnecting the battery? If yes then you may have damaged the backlight circuit.

Also inspect the connectors on the logic board for bent pins.

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You can hear the iPad when connected to itunes, but otherwise the screen is completely blank.

No, I followed the directions and disconnected the battery first.

While, getting ready to check the connector points, the backside of the lcd screen lights up.

No damaged connectors either.


I know you tried DFU and disconnecting battery etc.. but did you try a hard reset? Holding power and home buttons for 10 seconds?


I did try a hard reset. Currently there is no response of any sort. When summer is over and I have more time I will have to try more troubleshooting.


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