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Guides de réparation et prise en charge des caméscopes numériques Nikon de la gamme professionnelle haut de gamme aux caméras de consommation d'entrée de gamme.

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cmos sensor camera nikon D4


i have a problem in my camera Nikon D4 especially in the cmos it was damaged while clearing the camera ,

i bought it two years ago from the Grand Store in Dubai ,

i live in Lebanon Now , and here in Lebanon i tried to contact the Nikon company or ther certified outlets here they did not accept to repair it , so i would like to know if it could be repaired and how much it costs if i take it to the USA

please i would like to have a feedback as soon as possible ,

it is an urgent problem

best regards,

Charbel Chamoun

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1 solution

Contact Alzo Digital, CT in USA.

The very best camera mod/repair/service in USA.

Free Estimates on everything.

You pay shipment for both directions, if you want it to be returned.

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