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Ipad Mini 7,9" avec 16,32 ou 64 Go de stockage.

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Detaching Digitizer on a Device Switched on


I have an iPad mini with a faulty logic board that I'm going to replace - it looks like the digitizer connector and / or near resistors / capacitors are damaged.

The problem is I'd like backing up the device before replacing the board and I have to type unlock code in.

Fortunately I can type the unlock code, but after that the screen goes mad - starts sporadically moving, being "touched" everywhere etc (Im aware of how to overcome "mad digitizer" problem and I think its not the case since Home button also doesnt work).

So, Id like doing the following:

  1. Start iTunes and plug the device in
  2. Type unlock code
  3. Detach the digitizer so that it doesnt interfere
  4. Do backup

The question is if detaching digitizer from a working device safe? I know I mustn't do this with the LCD since it kills the fuse, but what about the digitizer?

Thank you!

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Please somebody help :)


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No effect, if you detach only the touch screen. Don't go near the LCD. Use a plastic tool.

Note that usually crazy touch AND home button not working just mean you have a bad touch screens that needs to be replaced with a new good quality one.

You can make sure by trying on a known good screen.

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Thanks. I actually tried another logic board for which the digitizer works perfectly (home button as well),


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