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The Baby Lock Ellegante 2 is a compact version of an industrial embroidery machine, produced by Baby Lock.

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How do I fix my embroidery machine?

I need help. I need to fix my Baby Lock Ellegante 2 Computerized Embroidery machine

It's expensive so it fits right in here and I want to do the repair myself but I need your expertise to do it.

Please help me by showing me how to get to the mechanisms inside I am afraid to do it alone.

Thank you,

your fan Logan Grant

Well thank you very much for your quick response to my question.

The web site offered a 268 page pdf but really did not get to the problen it was basically just a manual the problem I am have ing is with the hook timeing mechinism

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Hi Logan, I'd first like to say thanks for choosing iFixit! We service much more than just expensive devices, our goal is to fix everything. :) Personally I don't have the first bit of experience with embroidery machines, but do you think you could describe a bit more of what's wrong with it? What mechanisms do you need to get to? If you edit your question with some more information, someone may be able to point you in the right direction to get it fixed up.


I'm a huge fan of tuning up old machines. I use a Singer Touch and Sew 603E that I've had to spend around $ 250 to get it in working order after it sat unused for about 30 years. (That was ten years ago, and I just had it serviced again for $ 100 for a tune up.) I use it for historically inspired costume pieces with a variety of fabric weights and use it a lot. With the full metal machines, you can not keep up with the metalworking machines rest of your life.

However, if you are looking for a few light projects, you may prefer to come back with a new machine. One of the not-so-good aspects of older machines is trying to find attachments for them when needed. Newer models have so much already programmed into them that you do not have to search out attachments to do your fancier options.

I'm still jumbled.


the pages linked no longer exist.


Try to find one of the options here. You may like one of the budget. Of course, in the event that you can not fix it yourself :)


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Like I said in my comment, I don't know the first thing about embroidery machines myself, but searching around, I found this site which has all of the service and repair manuals for Baby Lock sewing machines, and I think this one is most relevant to you.

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+ in depth


ok thank you for the web address you provided and as far as the specific problem is the hook timeing mechanism


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My Babylock Meridian only has ten minutes on it. I picked it up yesterday and sewed one letter. Today when I went to use it the message There is no needle plate cover. Attach a needle plate cover. The needle plate cover is on, I’ve rethreaded, change needle, taken the bobbin case apart and I continue to get this error message. I’ve been using a loaner Meridian for about a month and mine just arrived yesterday. I’m quite frustrated. Help please.

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