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Annoncé le 9 septembre 2014, ce dispositif est la première percée d'Apple dans les objets connectés. Les manuels de réparation d'iFixit s'appliquent à l'Apple Watch (acier) et à l'Apple Watch Sport (aluminium).

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Can you replace a Sport screen with an Apple Watch screen?

I am thinking about buying an apple watch sport. I asked myself if its possible to replace the apple watch sport screen with an apple watch sapphire screen.

This would give you (almost) an apple watch for the price of an apple watch sport.

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Hey Karavusk, it isn't possible unless a manufacturer creates a screen that supports the watch. You have the also realize that you can limit the watch's ability to be water resistant. However it is possible to replace the screen with the recommended digitizer.

-Let me know if this helps.

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So... if I buy an Apple Watch sport I could change the screen to a sapphire one in the future (pretty sure at some point someone will sell one on ebay^^)? Thats a pretty good argument to buy the sport edition now and maybe change the screen later.

Will the watch even work with that screen?

edit: how do I post that as a comment and now as an answer?


The watch wouldn't work with a digitizer from a different model.


The connectors are actually the same! We put a Sport display on a steel Watch, and it powered on just fine, we haven't done any testing beyond that, but it might be worth looking into! We did use a steel Watch for guides, but the procedures, and maybe even the parts, are interchangeable for all models.


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