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Repair manuals for tablets manufactured by Samsung, running operating systems other than Android.

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Error message reads 'Google service has stopped'?

Samsung Galaxy 2 10.1

The Tablet is in a constant loop displaying this error message not allowing any further operations. In total there are three messages.

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Have same problem...I think it began because google said click to update, which removed the 'search google' app and replaced it with a multi-colored G. everything locks, won't let it shut down, then all the apps pop up saying they are not responding. System then doesn't let me shut it down, but if I plug the tablet into the wall charger, it then opens up and lets me get to a single app and then freezes up again. Samsung doesn't have it listed as a problem. Everyone says reboot to factory system but I am not sure it will fix what I think is a Google bug.

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