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A budget companion phone for the Galaxy SIII, Also known as Samsung I8190 Galaxy S3 mini, Samsung Galaxy S III more. Available as Samsung I8190N Galaxy S III mini with NFC. Identifiable by the model number GT-i8190.

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Why can't I get my phone to turn on?

My phone has failed to turn on or charge for a long time now, it looks ok, it has light white marks inside the back cover which may be water marks. The battery may be knackered, I'm not sure.

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I have a strange powering on problem too. My phone shuts off after using it for a few minutes won't turn back on without the charger. It can only be used constantly when charged.

Update: does not turn on at all, not even with a charger.

Replaced battery with a relatively new one from another phone (3 weeks) still doesn't turn on.

I would be most grateful for help.I'm desperate and I can't find any forum with this exact problem.


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Hey Alex, this seems like it can be a faulty battery issue. You should get it replaced.

-Let me know if this helps.

-Please accept this as the answer if it answered the question.

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A have the same problem, bud my battery is oke.

how can i replace the power button.


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