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Sorti le 19 septembre 2014, cet iPhone avec un écran de 5,5" est une version plus large de l'iPhone 6.

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iPhone 6 Plus not booting anymore

Hello iFixit,

I have a question regarding my iPhone 6 Plus.

First, this might be important, it is slightly bend, but I did not get an replacement, because it was really only bend a little bit.

A few weeks ago, I dropped my iPhone 6 Plus on the floor, and the the screen cracked a bit, the glas is gone where the front camera it.

The iPhone continued to work as normal.

Then, 1-2 weeks later, when I plugged in my iphone after the battery went empty (I had it in my pocked, switched of during the day), it didn't turn on anymore. Also, it is not recognized from USB anymore, meaning that it's probably not problem with the screen.

Any guesses what could have happened (maybe the battery connector went loose?) and how I could eventually fix it?

I have a good amount of experience in disassembling and assembling iPhones, so that would not be the problem.

Thanks for reading!

Best regards from Germany,


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If you are using cheap chargers, then you have more than likely damaged the U2 IC chip. You can confirm this by getting a new or known working battery with some charge in it, plugging it in to your phone and booting. If it comes on and charges whilst it is on, then it is the problem I have stated.

U2 IC chip controls the charging and sync functions of the phone, so that's why it would cause USB not recognised on the computer.

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Look into the charging port. Clean it with thinnest knife tip possible but very gently. It should begin to take charges. If not, not to worry. Purchase dock connector assembly from here:

It's just under $13. Quite affordable. Once arrives, take apart carefully keeping an eye on screws places. Pay attention not to rip-off anything come along. You will be fine. iPhone 6 Plus battery should be fine. You may also like to replace the screen. If you do, this link will help:

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Thanks. I will try getting a new dock - it makes sense, as the phone is not charging (I measured the power consumption of my charging adapter).


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Drops can cause solder balls and joints to crack, as well as cracking the chips themselves, which are basically pieces of glass. If something doesn't work immediately after a drop, you've basically broken some sort of electrical connection in the phone, or have cracked a chip on the logic board.

In your case, the problem manifested itself later. Sometimes a drop will weaken components, and a slight gust of wind (using this as a figure of speech, not a literal gust of wind) can finish them off.

Most of the time I've seen this happen though, it's because the crack in the screen made the device less resistant to moisture, and liquid spills can more easily get in the device. Even in the absence of a spill, moisture can get inside the device more easily and oxidize components, causing them to not function as well as intended, and if the oxidation is bad enough, a circuit on the phone can fail, or multiple circuits can fail. Get oxidation in the wrong place, and the whole phone stops working.

The drop could very well just be a coincidence, though. There's a few options: if you're able, try a new battery, and see if that gets your phone going again. If it does, but it's not charging, that likely means that it needs a new dock. Or, you can try to check a 3rd party repair shop. Repair shops are just barely getting started on servicing the 6+, because the parts have been too expensive, but maybe you can luck out and see if a shop has a battery or dock in stock for the 6+. Finally, you can always try the Apple store (best option in your case, unless you have a battery and dock on hand). See if they can put a new battery in the phone and get it turning on again. Otherwise, you may need to send the phone in to a shop for board-level repair, or have Apple trade in your broken device as credit against a new one.

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Thanks for your answer!

That's what I was worried about.

I removed the display assembly, and plugged it in (everything below the display assembly seems to be fine, but that's not possible to tell without removing all the metal sheets etc).

However, it's not charging, which means it's not draining power out of the charger.

It should do that however, even without the screen right? I'll just ordered a new Dock Connector, which is just 14€. If that does not help, I'll have to look into the other options you mentionend.

Thanks again for your reply.


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