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La famille Mac mini a été introduite pour la première fois en janvier 2005.

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How can I install a new HD?

I have a new hard drive, and tools, purchased from you, but do not have talent to install.

Joseph T. Clark

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For what it's worth, there are many great videos related to upgrading the Mini on YouTube. I was hesitant to upgrade the memory on mine, but after watching some videos I definitely felt more confident. Here's a video related to hard drive replacement:

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I am going to install a new hard drive on my mac mini too, so I found this super simple guide on this very site.

Hope it helps you.

Mac mini (PowerPC) Hard Drive Replacement


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There's a great Macworld Video from Dan Frakes about this, walks you right through the whole process- OWC has some good ones as well:

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You can also go to an apple authorized repair center and pay them to install your HD

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This site is about helping people repair things themselves, not paying others to do the job.


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