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Annoncé en mars 2015 et mis sur le marché le 10 avril 2015, le Galaxy S6 Edge est la version à écran incurvé du tout nouveau téléphone phare de Samsung.

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Wet, dead phone. How to get contacts and pictures off?

I walked my brand new phone in my swim suit pocket into a pool . Stupid, yes. It originally glowed, but won't even come on now. A local repair shop says its not fixable. Any ideas about how to get my contacts and pictures off before I send to Verizon to get a new replacement phone? I just came back from a trip to asia and stand to lose a thousand pictures and irreplaceable memories. Can I get the contacts and pictures off myself (especially the pictures) or do you know of a professional who could do it for me?

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Is there any chance you had an sd card in the phone and that your pictures may be on that as for contact info it could have been saved on the sim card but as for the rest of the phone there is no way to recover any info from a dead phone .Sorry for your loss

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Thanks for getting back to me. I don't think the pictures are on the sim card. The Samsung Edge is sealed, and I didn't know if I could access the internal storage and retrieve any info, before I send the phone back to Verizon for replacement.


Sorry I made the mistake of thinking there would be a sd card in the phone but this phone doesn't have one .Sd cards are the only way of backing up photos on a phone. There is no way short of taking the chip out of the phone and soldering into another one to recover the pics . However your contact info could still be on your sim card. As for your photo, once again sorry for your loss


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