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Does this repair "guide" work?

After 11 or so years of use and enjoyment, my S750 speaker system would no longer turn on, but I've tested the speakers themselves and they still work. It's the integrated sub-woofer and power supply unit that has gone down. After a good amount of searching for possible replacements and finding none to my satisfaction, I searched even more and found what appears to be a repair guide:

Has anyone tried this and can verify the accuracy of what's posted in the forum link?

Creative GigaWorks S750 7.1 surround speaker system

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archelonprime, that guide is absolutely reasonable. Every step is very well explained and should fix your speaker system as well. Of course yours may suffer from a totally different problem, but the capacitor issue is real and very well worth your time to check into that. Once you start repairing yours, make a guide for the rest of the community.

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