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Cobra 29 LTD Classic. 2-way 40 channel CB radio. Features antenna warning indicator, SWR calibration, instant Channel 9, PA capability, dimmer control, switchable noise blanker and RF gain.

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Squelch has no white noise

I've got a used Cobra 29 that came with our used truck. The power comes on, but I cannot get any white noise with the squelch all the way to the left. Is that normal for these CBs? I also haven't heard anyone talking, so I'm wondering if it's working at all. Is there a way to test without another CB? Thanks, kevin

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2 solutions

Isn't the speaker damaged?

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No. Sorry. I should have mentioned that the Weather is coming in fine. Just no white noise on the squelch in CB mode.


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i am having this problem with my radio. i pullrd the antenna apart and cleaned the corrosion, and made sure the antenna had a clean ground. then i took the radio out and checked the connection on the cb.and found the coax is bad.because i could move it and get a little white noise... so i will be getting a new coax cable. hope this helps.

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