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Waders keep you nice and dry for any fishing situation.

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Patagonia Wader repair Kit

I've punctured my waders and lost my repair kit. Can I purchase another? Can't find a kit on your website for purchase.

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Hi Woddie Huffman,

I received an email today from IFixit. I went in and saw that you wanted a wader repair kit.

Is this something you are still interested in?

I'm asking IFixit if they can somehow alert us when our customers have questions.

No matter, let me know if you need anything?


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Yes, Patagonia will help you with all your repair needs.

You can ask our CS Dept/Repairs Dept to send you a new Wader In-Field Repair Kit.


We use Aqua Seal UV from Gear-Aid

Click on the link or copy and paste this into your search engine.

Seam Grip works well also but takes longer to dry, however you would need to buy that directly from Gear-Aid.


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