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Annoncé le 16 octobre 2014, l'iPad Mini 3 est le successeur de l'iPad Mini Retina (maintenant appelé iPad mini 2).

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Backlight filter and diode location on iPad Mini 3 A1599

I've done the backlight filter replacement on ipad minis previously, but now I've got a mini 3 in with backlight issues, and I'm not sure where the filter and diode are on this model. I've identified a couple components (red arrows in pic) that could be the filter, but they don't look burned like they typically do when they're bad, and they both have continuity. I've also found a couple components that could be the diode (blue arrows), but neither of them has continuity either way. Can anyone help me out with where the diode and filter are on this thing?

Block Image


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On your image the filter is the first red/pink arrow on the left and the diode is the first blue on the left.

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If they are okay then it could be a problem with the capacitors around the filter or components around the LCD connector or the LCD connector itself.


Thanks for the quick answer! Do you know if the filter and diode for the original mini will work for this? I can't find any that specify that they'll work for the mini 3.


I am pretty sure you will be fine to use the same parts.


Thanks! I'll try it and post back here with the result.


Just put the new diode in and the backlight is now working, so apparently the parts are compatible. The filter tested good so I didn't replace it, but I'm guessing that it would be compatible too.

First time I've seen a good filter and a bad diode on one of these backlight repairs!


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