Problems after installing new hybrid hard drive

With guidance, tools, and parts from IFixit, I installed a 500gb hybrid drive and upgraded to 4GB ram in my Macbook (A1278 Unibody 13 Intel Core 2 Duo) two days ago. Yosemite 10.10.4 is OS. Wired external keyboard, fan, and external display are attached. Magic mouse is connected. Computer is running fast and well with the following exceptions:

1. Won't sleep.

2. Lock on System Preferences Users and Groups doesn't always open; after some reboots, yes, after others, no.

3. Mouse click doesn't open file. File: Open is necessary to open it.

4. Cursor was jumping around and now has calmed down after 20 reboots. In Word, it was sliding spontaneously from the top of the document to the bottom.

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