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The APEX TM785CH is an 7.85" digital tablet manufactured by TMAX Technologies. This tablet includes 16GB of storage and has built-in WiFi.

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Reasons a display screen stops interacting with a user.

Hello my name is Peter. My question is about an APEX TM785CH tablet. The problem I'm having is that It has lost it's capability of interaction between user and touchscreen, making it inoperable. The devices software is fine. There is just no way to access it without input capabilities. This is how it started. I was on You Tube watching a video and after closing the site it went straight to it's opening screen which displayed "Intel Inside in white text and black background. The power stayed on and it was stuck and lost it's interactive function . I tried to power it off and I wasn't able to. I tried to plug the mini USB charger in it to try to invoke it. and nothing. So I took the back panel off and disabled the battery connection to turn it off and tried to restart it. It worked and came out of it's stuck position. But, it lost it's touch capabilities leaving it inaccessible. Could anybody help me with this problem? I would be very grateful for the expertise of anyone who could find a solution for this repair. Thank You.

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check your digitizer connection inside the device. if that doesn't work, you probably need a new digitizer.

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