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The Motorola E815 is a flip phone camera phone by Motorola.

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Power Connection broken? How do I fix it?

My phone refuses to charge. Charger is fine, battery is fine. It went to the repair company and whatever bit needs fixing is the only one the warranty won't cover.

I've got a tear down guide from

but it doesn't really say anything about the part I have the problem with. Is it the charging connector? Can it be fixed or does it have to be replaced? And could anyone tell me how to do it? Thanks.

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does you phone react i any way when you connect the charger or does it "ignore" the charger ?

if you google around - you will find many postings about motorola phones and charging issues - including the E815

the old charging system was a pain. but if the contacts are not bent or dirty (on both sides) - it's not easy to tell anything without measuring inside the phone

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The phone basically ignores the charger, it used to if you jiggled it a certain way, but now nothing. Connectors on both sides (phone & charger) seem fine, not dirty or bent. I know you can purchase the charging connector, but I don't know if it's separate from the motherboard or not. If it's attached I'm thinking it'd be easier to replace the whole motherboard. I know this version had a lot of charging issues and I have since replaced the phone, but it had a lot of features that I liked, and I'd like to bring it back to working order if I could. I suppose another possibility would be to create a battery charger for it and just remove it every time it needs charging. What would work do you think?


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