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Le Samsung Galaxy S4, modèle i9505, dispose d'une caméra arrière de 13 mégapixels et d'un écran de 5 pouces et 1080 pixels.

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Touch screen only works when back is off...

I just bought a replacement screen and it worked for 2 days and is now unresponsive. I just found something very interesting in troubleshooting it. If I leave the back cover off, the touch screen works perfectly, if I put the cover on, the screen does not respond to touch. I have checked for damage, bad seating, areas that may be applying pressure to components, I see nothing wrong at all. I did notice a few areas of electrical contact between the back cover and the main board so maybe something is grounding out for some reason but I do not see this occurring. Anyone ever run into anything like this?

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I know that on these phones the back will push on the battery which will push on the back of the screen and flex it slightly. This is especially an issue if the battery is starting to bulge a little. Perhaps the slight flexing of the screen is causing a problem somehow?

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Well I wanted to accept that answer until I took it apart once again, now even without the back there is no response to touch. Perhaps it is a bad replacement screen. The original one was cracked pretty bad but worked perfectly, ugh. I will keep this updated as I learn more. Thanks though, it was a good idea.


To confirm, I checked the level of the battery, it is perfectly flat, no bulge yet.


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