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No sound from loudspeaker

Customer sent in an iPod with no sound from the loudspeaker. Replaced the loudspeaker, and had sound again. Sent it back the customer, but they said sound still wasn't working for them. Just received it, and sure enough, there's no sound. Checked the resistance in the speaker and it's about 8 ohms, soldered in a new speaker and still doesn't work.

Anyone have an idea what else might have caused the speaker to stop working? Headphones do work.


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The charging port can def cause that. Devices think that a dock device is connected and that sound is going through dock connector. Try cleaning it and if that does not work replace it!

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It wasn't actually a hardware problem with the dock port itself, but I finally solved the problem by connecting it to a dock, and then disconnecting it. Must have triggered it to route the audio back to the external speaker... I'll have to try that first instead of last next time!


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