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Where is the airport and airport antenna?

I need to do an entire tear apart due to oil getting into my laptop. Currently, outside of the display being somewhat messed up, everything works but the airport comes and goes. I wanted to clean it off but I can't find it. It is not in the upper lefthand corner as shown in your fix it manual. Note I only have one fan. Also, where is the antenna? Could that affect the fluctuation in function?

Macbook pro mid 2009 a1286

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Here's the guide you need to get to the airport card.

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like I said, there is no airport card in the upper left hand corner (above my dvd) of my laptop as show by the fixit manual you referred me to. this is the problem. It is odd that mine is different this way, I guess apple keeps changing things. I purchased my laptop at the end of Nov 2009. Is there a "late 2009, model 1286, 250 gig hard drive, 2.53 G"? Thanks


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Found it and verified it with apple. It is in the black hinge area and display.

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