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The SSD in the Dual Drive isn't recognized

So I followed the complete guide (and followed it in reverse) to insert the Dual Drive into my Macbook Pro. But when I power my Mac, it won't recognize the SSD that is inside the Dual Drive enclosure. It doesn't show up on Disk Utility and doesn't show up in Startup Manager either (pressing ⌥ at startup).

I haven't tried to connect the drive directly to my Mac through USB yet.

The SSD in question is the Crucial BX100 250GB.

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First make sure your systems firmware is upto date. Follow this Apple T/N: About EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Mac computers.

If your firmware is upto date your system may not support your SSD in the optical drive carrier. Most SSD's today have an auto setting SATA port. But, some MacBook Pro's have problems with these drives as the optical drives SATA port is somewhere inbetween SATA II & SATA III. Sadly trying to find a fixed SATA II (3.0 GB/s) SSD is getting difficult.

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Thanks for the answer. I just checked and the EFI and SMC versions are all up to date, so I'm guessing my Macbook Pro has those problems.

This kind of sucks because I wanted to use this second SSD to use for Windows, because for school I have to use software that's only available for Windows. And I would rather install a second SSD than buy a whole new Windows laptop.


Even if you got the SSD working BootCamp can't really handle dual drive setups. You could create a Fusion Drive with your current internal HD with the SSD (if you got a SATA II version) and then install Windows via BC which is how we do it when we have a dual drive setup.


You may want to look at the Western Digital Black2 dual drive. It would replace your current HD but as it's a true dual drive (HD & SSD) you can see them each discreetly. The other option which is what we use is a Seagate SSHD hybrid drive. Here you have a deep SSD cache and a HD. The drives firmware manages the placement of the files as needed unlike the Fusion Drive where the OS does this.


Hi, kind of late reply. I think I found the solution to this problem, although it's a bit late now because I already took the SSD and Dual Drive out of my Mac and put the optical drive back in.

Anyway, I think I had to format the drive. I never did that. But I just bought an enclosure for the SSD, so I still have some use for it, and it gave the same error after plugging the drive with the enclosure in. I checked Disk Utility and it appeared. Then I formatted the drive and now it's usable.

I feel really dumb for never thinking of trying that.


yes, you do need to prep the drive. But in your question you stated the drive did not show up with disk utility. If it had I would have pointed you to creating the GUID partition map & formatting it. Sadly, this model has a history of not supporting SATA III drives in a dual drive carrier so I still think you would have had a problem.


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SOLVED : Samsung EVO 850 SSD SATA III working in Optical Drive now.

MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2011) - 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7.

I have SSD as main drive and a HDD in "Optical Drive", But it was taking too much battery/ too much noise. I put a new Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SATA III SSD in optical drive. For some reason it was not showing anything !!!

After reading some post , I realized that my caddy is not SATA III compatible. So I clicked on the link provided

It looked exactly like my previous caddy but something inside, a chip or something is new. Make sure seller is "HIGHFINE".

NOTE : After installing new Caddy in optical drive with SSD Sata III, I started computer and was able to see SSD in DISK UTILITY. I initialized/ formatted it. BUT drive was showing in some weird small size. I restarted Laptop and it came on FINE.

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