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Annoncé en mars 2015 et mis sur le marché le 10 avril 2015, le Galaxy S6 Edge est la version à écran incurvé du tout nouveau téléphone phare de Samsung.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen broken

I cracked the glass on my 1 month old Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Should I trust local repair shops with the repair or should I just send it back to Samsung? The damage is very minor. I can't even feel the break with my finger. But the threads run all the way across the phone. Any advice on my dilemma would be appreciated, including info you may know about cost and turn-around time. Thanks!

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I AM IN THE SAME ISSUE. Okay here are your options

1. Get it fixed through Samsung for $270

2. Provided that you bought your phone within the last 30 days, you can sign up Samsung's elite mobile protection plan. You pay a one time $99 fee and then for the next 2 years, you have coverage for any accidents or spills or anything like that. All you have to do is pay the $75 deductible on each exchange. This is a far better value than paying the one time $270. However, the only downside is, in your case, is that you cannot file a claim within 15 days of purchasing the program. If you can wait 15 days, you should.

3. Check with your credit card that you bought it on. Most credit card companies offer something called purchase protection that covers accidental damage anywhere from 90-120 days after you buy it and up to $500 in damages. YOU HAVE TO HAVE BOUGHT THE PHONE WITH THEIR CARD. I have a Discover card and am currently doing a claim through them. I know Chase, Amex, Capital One, and a few other offer it. Google "[insert card name] purchase protection" and you should be able to tell.

4. Got a screen replacement from a supplier like and repair the phone yourself.

Hope you fix yorus!

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Great information! Thank you so much. I had not even THOUGHT about the credit card route...


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