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Part of Nokia's Lumia line of Windows smartphones. Announced July 2013.

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Internal Antenna seems damaged

Dear Colleague,

My Nokia Lumia 625 underwent a liquid damage repair recently. Unfortunately, now signals are quite weak. I went to my service provider thinking that their connectivity was a problem - however, problem persisted even after they changed my old sim with a new one. Next, I was told by the provider to try my sim on another phone and voila - all signal lines were so strong and connectivity was so fantastic.

My husband went back to the Nokia service centre citing this but was sent back after being told that everything is OK with the phone. My connectivity is bad, calls get dropped or friends complain of voice breaking and the moment I try to look into Whatsapp or email account....the connection is lost showing no service...

Have spoken to few people, they say that the internal antenna is damaged. What is the solution???

Thanks & regards,


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Had a phone from someone a few months back with this same problem after getting there screen replaced. It turned out the guy never connected the antenna when putting it back together. You should open it and have a look. Would be easy to spot if it's not connected

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Thanks for your advice, mine is connected, it was my first guess... but actually when I checked that the pigtail was OK, I turned the phone ON to test before I put the back cover, which happens to contain the antenna. So maybe I just need to test it again WITH the back cover. I'll give a try when I get back to work.


So I confirm the antennas are inside the plastic bezel which is mounted above the battery.

The root cause for my personal case is located in the replacement lower board, the one with the USB port: I switched back to my old board (with broken USB) and the cellular network came back. So I sent back the spare part and requested another one.


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It seems that the antennas are integrated inside the back plastic cover (the one you need to unscrew to access the battery), and is connected to the mother & daughter boards via spring contacts. You may try to clean those spring contacts using alcohool, maybe they are dirty following the spillage... I'll give a try tomorrow with mine (left at work)

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