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Touch screen unresponsive for iPad mini

I have an iPad mini 32GB running iOS 8.4.1.

The touch screen is unresponsive - cannot swipe to log in, etc. Everything else seems to be working: the screen displays the log in prompt, I can reboot by holding down power & home buttons, I can connect to a Mac & upload / download data & programs.

Went to Apple Genius. They tried factory reset - this didn't work.

My question here is which component is likely to be messed up as I would like to try repairing this using one of the guides. My first thought would be to replace the LCD, but I don't know enough about iPads to know whether that's likely to be the source of the current problem.

Any help / advice appreciated.

All the best


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Clarification: when I said the factory reset didn't work, I meant it didn't fix the problem. The factory reset itself was successful.


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The LCD isn't at fault here, it's the digitiser/glass, replacing this should solve your issue. :-)

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Ok cool. I'll go research the front panel replacement. Thx Ged


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