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This page is intended for the Asus TF300T tablet released May of 2012. The Android operating system allows for users to use the tablet for multiple tasks.

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How to determine Digitizer p/n

Hi all,

I have a friend's Asus TF300T where the touch screen is not working. He had got it replaced from a local shop when it was broken last year, since then it is not working. As far as I can find out the reasons could be:

1. Faulty digitizer/cable

2. wrong digitizer part installed (i.e. G03 instead of G01)

3. Faulty daughter board

4. burnt coil (mentioned in a post on iFixit)

I cannot find any sight of a burnt coil on the board... so I'll rule that out. How can I determine that the tech at the shop did not install a wrong model... since I don't think he'd have kept the old broken screen, so I cannot see the original sticker on the part. Any way to confirm which digitizer model was originally installed. I'll keep the daughter board option for the last... but first I'd try changing the digitizer.



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1 solution

The digitizer part number is written on the digitizer's cable. If you have the wrong version, then you can update the digitizers firmware.

These are the instructions from xda forums:

2. Root your device

2. Get the firmware

3. Get it into the device:

adb push 02-3011-4820.ekt /data/local/tmp

4. Get yourself into the device:

adb shell


5. Delete touch firmware. After firmware update and reboot the device may update the firmware back to whatever is in the firmware folder which is the wrong firmware. It will kill the ic ability to update the firmware again. <---HELP NEEDED

In the shell:

rm /system/etc/firmware/touch *.etk

6. Update firmware:

touch_fw_update -u /data/local/tmp/02-3011-4820.ekt

I used Kingo to get root on mine.

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