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A lawn mower made by the American Company Toro

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Self Propelled Mower wont propel

I have a Toro self propelled mower (rear wheel drive) that when I engage the transmission i hear grinding and the wheels wont propel. I removed the rear wheels and when i engaged the transmission both drive gears turned. The plastic gears on the wheels have rounded or beveled gear teeth. Should i try replacing the wheels or is there an adjustment i should try?

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The problem I had was that the wheel mounting plate was not parallel with the mower body. The plate was "toed in" on both sides. This caused the wheel gear teeth to only catch the edge of the metal gear. The solution is to the make the plates parallel. I accomplished this in about 5 seconds using a correct thickness nut. I simply pried (flexed) out the wheel mounting plate from the mower body using a large screwdriver. Where the wheel mounting bolt comes through the plate you should see a couple of treads. I used an oversized nut to cover the threads and released the tension on the screwdriver. The nut is now pinned between the plate and the mower body. Make sure the wheel looks straight. If not change to a thicker or thinner nut. Because the nut covers the threads when you go to move the height adjuster the nut will move with the plate. It may be a little stiffer to move but it will move. I did this to my lawn boy mower a couple of months ago and it has worked perfectly since. I think Toro and Lawn Boy have the same mounting system. Good luck .

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