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Hard Drives are not showing up

I have a Mac Pro Tower 2009. It will boot to a Yosemite install USB drive. BUT, when I open disk utility, no hard drives are showing up, just the USB device and DVD drive.

I have tried two different drives, in all 4 internal bays. Nothing shows up.

I have a second Mac Pro tower, fully working, I put the drives into this tower and they are recognized in disk utility right away.

Is anyone familiar with this issue?

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I suspect a speed issue here. What are the makes and model numbers of the drives? How are they formatted? What are the last four figures of the serial numbers on the non-working machine and working machine?

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Drives are both WD Caviar Black (500gb WD5002AALX and 1TB WD1001FALS) Serial number on the Mac tower giving me issues ends in DEUH. It looks like it might be a 2010, not 2009 like I originally said. The tower that the drives do work in is serial number ending with S20H. Thank you for the quick response, Chris


Looks like it is working on a 2009 machine but not the 2010. The WD1001FALS is a 3.0 GB/s, the WD5002AALX is a 6 GB/s. The 2009 machine is 3.0 GB/s, but so is the 2010. Check the jumpers on the drives to see what they are set at.


Neither drive has jumpers. So with the WD5002AALX I would need to jumper pins 5 and 6 to limit it to 3gb/s. I will stop using the WD5002AALX and see where I can get with just the WD1001FALS. Thanks


I am now only using the WD1001FALS. I freshly formatted it using my 2009 tower, Mac OS Extended (Journaled). I then put it in the 2010 tower, and it is still not seen at all. I can feel the hard drive spinning up, but the tower does not see anything.


Have you tried changing hard drive ports, one may have gone bad.


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