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Hewlett-Packard a commencé à fabriquer des ordinateurs portables en 1993.

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My laptop couldn't start.

8 months all Hp laptop unexpectedly shut down while working with PowerPoint. When turn on It started up nicely but without giving error message on the bios setup. logging in was alright until I open up PowerPoint when it shut down again.. On the third time it started like before but this time it shut down altogether till now. Even the light to indicate power when connected to the wall socket to charge the battery cannot come on.

Did the machine over heated up to cause this problem?

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2 solutions

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Dear Mr.Richard,

Kindly check below steps and if that will not helpful then you can send us more details we will resolve your issue.

1. Check is battery indicator continuously blinking or steady?

2. Check if your battery overheating or not by removing the laptop battery?

3. Without laptop battery try to check the power indication status?

4. If the battery not over heating then there would be a BIOS system diagnostic option so use that for checking the hardware problem?

Let us know the status after checking above checklist.


Vinkom Technologies (Vinod)

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