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The Visual Land Prestige 10 is an internet enabled tablet made by Visual Land INC. This device page and subsequent repair guides will show you how to remove and replace the devices components.

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Why is my cracked screen not working

Can you help me with my tablet problem ?...I was watching a show and it kept pausing and I got frustrated and hit the screen with my ha d and it cracked but it seems like it cracked u dee the screen .....and whenever I turn my tablet on I can't open it to my home screen ....when I turn on my tablet the screen stays on for about 5 secs and then the brightness gets lower ...can u help me fix this?

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It seems like you may have damaged the LCD under the glass digitizer. The only way you can fix it would be to replace the LCD screen.

This may not be worthwhile because of the cost to do it.

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How can I repair it or where can I repair it James Soulsby ....plz help me ...


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