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Annoncé en mars 2015, puis commercialisé le 10 avril 2015, le Galaxy S6 est le prochain flagship de la série Galaxy. La version avec un écran incurvé est connue en tant que Galaxy S6 Edge.

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Screen won't come on due to water damage

I dropped my phone for a hot sec in the ocean while taking pics, it appears that everything else is functioning, I can hear sound, it comes on fine, it charges fine but I cannot see anything.

I already bought a new phone but I needed to extract the information using Q-pair out of the damaged phone into the new phone.

Can anyone provide any answers whatsoever?

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ewibk, disassemble it and properly clean your board and all other parts. After that you'll have to replace the display and hopefully it is not the video circuitry on your board that has shorted out. The longer you try to charge/sync/ and otherwise turn on your phone, the greater the chance of extending the damage due to the corrosion on your board. Sorry, but there are not a whole lot of other things you can do. Here are the the guidesfor your phone.

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