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Sony CFD-S05 CD Radio Cassette Player was released in 2010, and has the CD-R/RW playback function.

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How to get the unit to read CDs

My CD player won't read CDs will not even go to the first track. It just makes a whirring sound.

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I have two older cd players one is a Sony and one is an Onkyo. They both will not read or play the

cd's. The Sony is a multi-disc player with a slide out platform, the Onkyo has a 6 disc cartridge that gets loaded and then inserted into the deck. My uneducated guess is that the laser is out of alignment or just broken or dirty. Both units are at least 10 years old and my ultimate question is would it be wiser to just buy a new CD player as the prices has dropped a lot, or repair my older units? Any advice would be greatly appreciated , I will aso try giving you a phone call. I thank you in advance for your time and help,

Stephen (SnakeSkin) Vernon

360 413 6890 Land line

360 901 9097 Cell Line


Hi @snakeskin ,

If the disc still loads and spins OK (check orientation of label before inserting and after removal to see if it has moved) I suggest that you try cleaning the lens using IPA 90%+ and a Q-Tip as this will be the easier option to try first. (IPA = Isopropyl Alcohol - available at most pharmacies (drug stores, chemist shops, whatever they are known as where you are)- do not use 'rubbing' alcohol as it is not as effective, some are only 70% IPA and can have 'scents' added, also some are made from ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and are not IPA at all - read the label to be sure)

Search online for the service manual for your players. If you find them it will help in the dis-assembly to get to the lens. e.g. search for "Sony (insert model number) service manual" to hopefully get results that are free to get and download.

As regards to repair or replace, obviously that is your choice. It may come down to an economic decision or perhaps even a spare parts decision if the lens is faulty. Can I get a replacement part or not and if so how much will it cost? (part number should be in service manual)

From a feel good perspective, as long as the units are still OK and you can repair them why not? You will have the satisfaction of doing the repair yourself and you will not be contributing to the e-waste landfill problem.


I used a Maxwell CD-RW without a music album title, and Walter White Tuning CD from FujiFilm Compact Disc Digital Audio Recordable to place on Sony CD radio player, but it says no disc on our Sony CD radio player, but Walter White Tuning CD went to the first track, but it would not play the first track, it’s just bleep in a lower volume like a colour bars, I just saw some white scratches in circle version in more than or less than, when I touch or try to close a CD radio player, or spin a Maxell CD-RW, and Walter White Tuning CD from FujiFilm Compact Disc Digital Audio Recordable faster, it just stopped and keeps running the 2 types of CDs, after that it stopped spinning and says No Disc, because of spindle is whirling, and the laser lens was keeps moving. I used a Sony radio CD player without a disc placed into a Sony CD radio player by pressing a lid close button to say Reading, Play, and No Disc. The laser lens move right and left for a little bit, and laser lens goes up and down for 2 times, then it says No Disc. I unplug the Sony CD radio player to let it off, turn of a Sony CD radio player, leave it open, then close the CD radio player, or close a Sony CD radio player to say Reading to turn the Sony CD radio player off or unplug a Sony CD radio player to let it off, then I put a Maxell CD-RW, and Walter White Tuning CD back into a 4th drawer, then I played on my iPad, and that’s it for my life story about my Sony CD radio player, and me, my iPad, and a Sony CD Radio player plug.


My Sony C315 does not grip a cd well enough all of the time. When that happens, the cd does not turn and the changer thinks there is no cd in that position. It seems to me that the drive wheel is either too slippery to rotate the cd or that it does not rise up and push against the cd hard enough. Sometimes it works and sometimes the motor runs with the cd just sitting there. When the cd is not rotating, I can give it a little push and then it will begin to spin. Any ideas how to increase the friction between the cd and the drive wheel?


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pdkenyon, possibly a dirty laser lens. Try any of the commercially available CD/DVD lens cleaners and see if that works. If not, you are having to think about replacing th Laser unit, or the complete drive.

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If possible, try another player/computer. My copy of the Talking Heads Fear of Music was not recognized by my desktop computer DVD drive but was read fine in an older computer.

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