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HP Probook 4720s Serial:2CE1180JJ9 Product:XX814EA#UUW

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How to remove the HHD

What steps do I need to do to remove the HHD from a HP Probook 4720s?

I wish to place it into an external case to view it from another PC.

Once done put the HHD back in.

Other option the screen is dead if I connect it to another PC with a transfer cabe would this be problem?

Intend to make changes on the HHD once connected view & change files from 2 PC.

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lamuser, download the service manual from here. Page 87 will show you how to remove the HDD. After that you need a USB to 2.5 in Sata 3 (3 Gbps) HDD Enclosure. Not sure what you are referring to with your idea about a transfer cable.

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Thanks looks real good for doing the tear down. It looks like I have a case that will work with it.

About the transfer cable or just usb cable? Just thought if only my screen is or the video graphics are out. It would seem I could take a peek via second PC. If that could do the job that would save me from a tear down. Or is there a risk to the second PC?


lamuser, you can not connect a transfer cable on the computer without video since you will have to set both computers up, so that they talk to each other. It is not as easy as just connecting the cable and they talk to each other.


Thanks, that would have been to easy.


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