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The 7th generation (E100) of Toyota's best-selling compact car.

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Shocks pricing and suggestions for 96 Toyota Collora

I just need some advice about price and suggestions concerning shock replacement. Can I purchased front and back like an all in one kit?

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ATG suggests to buy them in pair as in two front or two rear.

It's called a strut.

Best to buy the strut with the spring.

If you get them with the spring, you don't have to spent or rent tools and many hours of compressing the spring.

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No, you can't get them as a set of all four. I would get the Monroe Quick-Struts from the cheapest place I know of Rock Auto. They will still cost you $400-$500 for all 4 though. The Quick struts have a lifetime warranty, though I'm not sure how to exchange them at rock auto.

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Read my answer again, Josiah Crook.

Replace either two front or two rear.

Your answer means the same, "replace at least both fronts or both rears".

Pair and set are the same.

Like buying front brake pads, you get driver & passenger.

They do not sell just one for doing just one side.

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I always have to order one for each side. I haven't found anywhere that sells a pair in one box or transaction. I was also just agreeing with your already good answer, and felt that a little more information might help our friend who asked the question. Thanks for pointing out the redundancy.


We were both correct. It was not meant to be an insult.

Buy either two in the front or two in the back.

If you buy it with the spring attached, it will have 3 better nuts.

Again, I don't suggest you just to buy one or the strut without the spring.

Since you asked, Josiah Crook and I would believe that you know very little about cars. If you get one without the spring, you might put in over 10 hours /or get hurt if that spring fly out.


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