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Replacing Logic Board between SR and Penryn possible?

My 2.2ghz Santa Rosa logic board on my MBP is dead. Is it possible to replace it with a Penryn one without a hitch? Or must it be an SR?

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Look at it positively though. You'd gain Multitouch (from Top Case) and you'd have a 64-bit EFI.


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There's quite a bit of swapping necessary to upgrade to the Penryn:

  • The upper case connector on the logic board is moved to the left in the Penryn machines, so you'd need the Penryn upper case
  • The keyboard has a different part number, so you'd need the Penryn one.
  • The bluetooth is different in the Penryn, but I think it's just the difference between 2.0 in the SR and 2.1 in the Penryn.
  • The heat sink has the heat transfer pads in different locations, so you'd need the Penryn heat sink.
  • the fans have a different model number, so you'd assumedly need the Penryn fans.
  • The battery cable is different, so you'd need the Penryn batt connector
  • The left and middle thermal sensors have different numbers printed on them, but I don't know if they're compatible
  • the I/O board cable has a different model number printed on it, so you'd assumedly need the Penryn verson.
  • The I/O board is a different model number printed on it, so you would need the Penryn version.

In other words, I don't think it's financially worth it. Replacing all these parts is probably getting as expensive as a refurbished newer model machine.


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