Why is my touchscreen getting freeze (stuck)?

Hi! My Lumia 920 got stuck a few days ago without doing anything. After I have reset the phone, hard reset, battery disconnection nothing. My touchscreen was still freeze. I thought that this could be the problem but decided to go further and use Windows Phone Recovery Tool. No luck. I left my phone for a few days checking it daily but nothing. After the battery was fully empty I have recharge it and I saw that the touchscreen it's working again but got stuck a few minutes after, just managed to passed it through the startup settings. I made a soft reset and disabled the wifi connection. I worked without any problem for a while. I thought that the wifi connection is the problem but I realized that each time after I enabled the wifi the phone got hot top center and got stuck in maximum 1 -2 min. I made another test with the wifi off and using the camera to record something, in 5 minutes got stuck and the same hot top center of the phone. Now I can use my phone without any problem but just to talk, send SMS and use the date connection to check FB from the browser but really fast to don't get stuck, without forcing it. I realized the heat is the problem as for example when it's getting stuck i have to put it on my fridge to be able to reset it and unfreeze to screen. Any idea what it's failing?

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