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Repair manuals for tablets manufactured by Samsung, running operating systems other than Android.

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Fixing or replacing this particular flat cable.

I have a Samsung Ativ Tab 7 (700T)

This is the cable:

Block Image

There aren't really two. I took the picture of the same cable from its front and its back.

And here's my story: I've got this device, Samsung Ativ Tab 7, which had a problem about not getting past beyond POST (Power-On Self-Test) and remaining with its screen dark, about 3 months ago. There were still 2 months until its warranty would run out back then, so the official service fixed it for free and also gave us this report where it was noted that the LCD cable was replaced.

Same problem occurred 2 weeks ago, and now they won't do it for free. I don't want to give them 30 bucks for them to replace this cable and then wipe my drive for nothing.

I want to try fixing it, myself. Is it possible? Any suggestions I should follow?

I am up for an alternative fix, too, like a makeshift-cable to substitute the original, if it's feasible. I am up for anything, actually...

Note: My guess is that the cable is damaged from heat, since it is right underneath the battery, although there are 3 more cables there which appear to be intact.

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Utkan Gezer, flat ribbon cable are difficut to repair and most likely you will have to find a replacement. Something like this will work for your tablet

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Thanks for the help. Sounds all good, but since I will then be having a new cable anyway, is there anything I could try to fix the one I have even by risking to destroy it altogether?


Utkan Gezer, not really since you do not know which wire and where it is broken. You could try an use a multimeter to check each contact for continuity. Once you find the one (or more) that do not have continuity, you could try to solder a long jumper from connector to connector. won't be very professional, but it might just work.


Thanks a lot! I already have ordered two of the cables, and now I'll try that, since it is a dead component as it is anyway.


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