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The HTC EVO 3D is an Android smartphone developed by HTC released exclusively in the United States through Sprint.

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Why is my SD card unmounting?


My SD card randomly "unmounts". If I take it out and put it back in it will work again for a little while.

The other problem is, I can't find a way to make it so that photos are save internally (...not something I'd normally want). Right now in order for the phone to take/save a picture I have to go through the shutting off/remove battery/sd in-out/turn back on cycle.

Until the next time it unmounts.


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It is likely that there is dirt on the pins inside the jack. A can of compressed air will clean out any dust in it (Please do not use a hair dryer or other such contraption to do the job)

In settings there should be an option called "Storage" You might be able to change the default save location to there.

In the meantime if that doesn't work you could just remove the card altogether then it should save internally by default.

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Thanks for answering. I had checked settings several times, and did so again after seeing this, but I think that just isn't an option on this phone for whatever reason. It would not take a photo at all without the SD card. Sadly, compressed air didn't do the trick.

Given this and other more serious functional problems it was having, I finally gave up and sent it for recycling.

Thanks again for the advice.


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