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L'Asus Transformer Book T100TA est une tablette hybride Windows 8.1 .

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Will not continue booting after the Asus logo

Just cleaned with CC Cleaner (latest version) and also ran the Registry cleaner which discovered and fixed several issues. It shut down. I thought this was because of a lack of power but it is plugged in and the white LED light is showing but it will not progress booting past the initial Asus logo.

I have tried restarting and resetting by holding down both the home and the power buttons for 15 seconds and I now have the camera light on as well but still a black/blank screen,

It is running on Windows 10

Help, please!

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I have this problem. Have tried holding down the power button amd turning back on but to no avail. Screen is definitely on, just not getting past logo stage


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Your CC cleaner and Registry cleaner could have done something wrong. In theory these utilities shouldn't but hey man bad things can happen all the time. try booting in safe mode and see if that will boot successfully to your desktop and if it will do try rebooting again normally and then use system restore. Let me know if this works for you. Cheers!

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Thanks, Paul.

I finally got it to move past the Asus logo and it come up with an "It looks like Windows failed to load " message and the option to restart the PC or see advanced options. I choose to restart and now I am back to a blank screen!

Not sure how to boot in safe mode as you suggest as I simply have a blank/black screen, Sorry I'm a bit of an amateur in this regard!


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