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Le Sony Xperia Z3 est un smartphone Android sorti en 2014 et réputé pour la durée de vie de sa batterie et sa longévité.

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Broken antenna connection on logic board, how to fix?

So I bought a phone that was previously repaired and the guy tried to fix it but it looks like that he broke the antenna connector on the bottom board and on the logic board. The bottom board is easy to replace ($20 on ebay) but I'm not sure how to replace it on the logic board. I can't seem to find anywhere that has that circular piece online so that I could get a repair shop to solder it back on. Is there another way to fix this? Could you solder the antenna onto the broken connector and still get it to work?

Here are some pics

Bottom connector (totally ripped off) ($20 replacement on ebay)

Top connector on logic board, it looks okay but I think it's a bit bent/ripped off or something because I can't seem to get it to stick back on. Is it possible to solder it right onto that connector?

And here is a pic of that rear of the phone

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You can buy the antenna connectors but not sure if they are standard for all phones.

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I have the same problem... Could you fix it?

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