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The Keurig Mini B-31 is a compact single cup hot beverage brewer that uses Keurig's K-cup dispensing system.

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Keurig Leaking from the bottom

Please tell me why my keurig is leaking everywhere when the coffee pours out from the bottom of the machine ?

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I don't know why Keurig is so popular when I read there are so many people having various problems. I too have a mini-plus one cup unit that leaks all over the counter from the bottom area. I have tried a couple of fix its for this.

Around the top puncture needle is a rubber gasket seal that can foul up with coffee grounds that prevent it from sealing tightly against the coffee pack. Remove the gasket by pulling gently down on it and clean it. Don't drop it down the sink. Reinstall the gasket and give the maker another try.

The second fix I did was to clean the upper needle by using a small paperclip. Open the paperclip on one wire and gently press it into the three needle openings to clean out any old coffee grounds. Gently doing this will prevent damage to the inside attached water tube. This seems to eliminate the water leak for a period of time. I'm not sure how exactly this resolves the leaking at the bottom but it does. My understanding is the discharge tube backs up because of these conditions and runs out an overflow tube located near the bottom of the unit.

Both these fixes may have to be repeated frequently if the leaking reoccurs.

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My brewer dripped a couple of "tear drops" and stopped. I then put a cup of white vinegar in the reservoir and ran the machine. During the first brew the drip started to open up but it then began to leak from the bottom. I unplugged the machine, turned it upright over the sink to drain any left over water and vinegar. I then plugged it back in and ran two more cups of white vinegar through it followed with two brews of fresh water to rinse. The machine is now dispensing coffee at full force and it is not leaking.

PS: I did check the puncture needle first and that was clean and the rubber gasket was in good shape.

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