Why won't my bluetooth stay in the on position?

i have a phonak compilot bluetooth hearing aid device. it was working just fine.then all of a sudden my bluetooth is not working. after taking a look, i saw my bluetooth was off. when i tried to turn it back on it keeps sliding back to the off position. can any body help me with this???

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Have you tried rebooting the phone? After doing this does it allow you to switch on Bluetooth? Do you leave the phone permanently on? If rebooting works you may have to reboot occasionally.

There was a problem with android OS 4.2.x (which I think your phone has) regarding Bluetooth intermittently not being able to be switched on but this was apparently resolved with OS 4.3

Reboot = switch off phone then switch on (sorry if you knew this)


I had this problem too with Bluetooth and this suggestion works , thanks .


It's works, but is for a moment....every time is more frecuently off!!!! I Don't know have to do...I'm Planning to buy another speaker!!!!


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