Firmware Password change does not work

Hi all,

I have set a firmware password on my MacBookPro8,3 Late 2011 OSX 10.11 (el Capitan).

When I boot into the "OS X Utilities" menu with a key combo (e.g. Alt+D or any other), the system requires the password before it opens up the "OS X Utilities" menu. Entering the password and pressing "Enter" accepts the password, and the "OS X Utilities" open. Going to the "Utilities -> Firmware Password Utility", there is the option to "Change Password" or "Turn Off Firmware Password". Clicking on "Turn off Firmware Password" now requires the password again.

This time the password that just worked for the "OS X Utilities" is not accepted any more. How is that? I tried all the methods of removing Ram, CLI command "resetpassword" etc to reset or remove or change the password. None will delete this firmware password. Flashing the firmware new also does not help.

Any Ideas how to get rid of this firmware password?

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