Sudden shutdown but not overheating

Hi everyone,

I have been donated an NEC Versa M160 laptop

Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2350 (2M Cache, 1.86 GHz, 533 MHz FSB)


250Gb Hdd

it was originally a windows xp laptop but I installed a windows 7 Home Prem edition....

The problem is that it would shutdown suddenly... I opened the laptop and cleaned the vents and checked for the thermal paste where I realised that someone had opened it before and put an aluminium foil and no paste... I removed the foil and put Arctic silver 5 and greased the fan for good measure...

But even after this the computer shuts down as soon as the CPUID monitor shows the THRM reading as 65C and core readings around 60C. The spec sheet on intel shows that the Junction temperature limit as 100C... So why is it shutting down..??

The base of the computer does not feel too hot to touch (I've seen hotter laptops)

Could it be some other reason..??



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