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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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WiFi Connects and drops at random

My WiFi on the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 10.1 GTP5210 will sometimes connect to a network (if at all) and then drop connectivity after a few moments. I've performed a hard reset, a factory reset, tried multiple networks. I am wondering if this might be a physical component I can replace for a WiFi antenna and if so any recommendations on doing so. My next step is to try a firmware update but I am not hopeful.

Got the tablet for free from work because of the issue so I am trying some cheaper options to fix before giving up on it.

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2 solutions

This is free, go to google play store, go to apps, key word "wifi analizer" select the one by farcpro. Wifi must be runing to work the app. This app tells what chanel you are on, who is on your hot spot chanel and more. I have it on all of my devices as ive been in your dark spot. I hope this helps.

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Same issue here. Any solutions?

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