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Improved second generation Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen.

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Can a screen that was bought to fix, damage the board?

can a screen that was bought to fix, damage the board? or the board could have damaged not disconnect the battery cable while the screen is replaced ? I had broken my Nexus 7 screen and buy a new screen when placing ebay but forgot to disconnect the battery cable . After finishing replace the screen , the tablet would not start , but the computer is detected as QSHUSB or something similar. I just bought a board here in ifixit , will be the solution?

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aliadoeninternet, yes it is possible that you shorted out the board while doing the repair.Most likely a new board should fix this.

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If the device is on during repair board damage can definitely occur. If the computer detects it and you cannot see an image the back light fuse could have been damaged or the LCD could have gone out.

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