Where can I find the plastic frame?

I am repairing an Asus T100TA for someone and need to replace the glass digitizer. I took the board and LCD out to isolate the frame/bezel and cracked glass. I got the glass off with very little trouble, but while heating the frame to remove the glass, the plastic melted a bit and is now out of shape. I have tried to shape it back, but it is not going as planned.

I have been searching for the plastic frame to purchase and replace the damaged one, but I cannot find one anywhere. The part is available on ifixit.com, but it is out of stock and they unfortunately do not have an ETA.

Does anyone know where I can find the plastic frame/bezel with or without the digitizer included? *I have a digitizer already, but will take the part even if it includes one*

Thank you,


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